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Monday, October 6, 2014

Fair Fun

Mondays come way too quickly around here!
Regardless...we had a nice weekend.

On Friday I stopped by school to eat lunch with Bailey.

She was chosen as Student of the Month and was
given a paw sticker.

 Friday night we took on the
Wayne County Fair, but
first we took a selfie!!!!

 Just as soon as we got there Madison & Landon ditched
poor Bailey was left with Mom & Dad.
She loves to play the games...a.k.a "throwing away my $$$$."
She won 2 fish!

 This makes her happy!
She won a few stuffed animals...Yay!!!

 Quick selfie while we waited to catch up with Madison & Landon.

 Bailey wouldn't ride any rides without her Sissy.

 Bailey loved this ride and it looks like Madison & Landon did also!

 I couldn't believe Bailey rode this ride...
 Sissy can talk her into anything!!!

 The hubs ran into one of his buddies at the fair, Little Danny!

As soon as we got home we had to get the new fish all set up in 
their new home.
I just new they would be floating Saturday morning, but to my surprise they
are still swimming!
Bailey loves feeding them.

That was pretty much our excitement for the weekend!
Saturday we stayed around the house and 
Sunday we enjoyed church as a family.

Keep up with me everyday.

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  1. Looks like another great weekend ! Congrats to your little Student of the Month! Those rides looked like so much fun!