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Monday, August 11, 2014

Wedding Fun!

I am so blessed to know this sweet, beautiful and talented young lady.
The newly wed,
Mrs. Shannon Lane!
 Shannon is a lead teacher at the dance studio!
On Saturday, Madison and I got all dressed up to attend her wedding at 
The Duplin Winery in Rose Hill, N.C.
We've been looking forward to this all summer!
Some of her students from the studio also attended. 
Everything about this evening was perfect!
Shannon is by far the most beautiful bride I've ever seen!
Don't you agree??!!
Her dress was beautiful, her hair, her tan...EVERYTHING!!!

We sat with Taylor & Jordan and their boyfriends at the reception.
Although I was the oldest at this table I still had fun chatting and laughing with them.
I probably cramped their style a little, but we had FUN!
 Madison and I at the reception.
We socialized with everyone, ate a delicious meal and of course danced a lot!
 My niece Taylor and her boyfriend, Jeb that we all adore!

 One of my advanced dancers, Jordan and her boyfriend that I was able to meet for the first time, Justin!
Totally fell in love with this boy!
He's got the best personality and most importantly...
HE CAN SHAKE A LEG!!!  So much fun to be around!
Jordan, if you're reading this...
"You have Mrs. April's stamp of approval on this one."

Madison took our pic and Jeb gave me a sweet peck on the cheek!
I'm blushing a little!
What a crazy pic!
We couldn't decide what to do for this pic???
 Hand on the hip always works!
So glad we were able to be there for Shannon's big day!

 Justin and Jeb met for the first time at the wedding and they
are already best buds.
Taylor and Jordan planned their date's attire so they would be matching, but Sssshhhhh...
neither of them know that!
I don't know that for sure, but hey it sure does look like it!

 Jeb is in shock because this girl caught the bouquet.

Justin and Jordan dancing the night away!
Justin leaves in a couple of weeks for college in Iowa.
Prayers for him as he begins this new journey and prayers for
Jordan as she will miss him.

It was a great night.
So happy for Wes and Shannon!
I'm sure they're having a blast on their honeymoon in Aruba!
Praying for many, many, many years of blissful marriage for this amazing couple.

I would love for you to keep up with me everyday.

Get out and make it a great MONDAY!!

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  1. Looks like a great wedding and the bride's dress was stunning! I loved your necklace was perfect for your LBD!