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Thursday, July 17, 2014

While Sissy's Away...

Madison left for camp on Monday and she will return on Saturday.
Bailey and I are pretty much lost without her!
I've tried my best to entertain Bailey, 
but I think her Sissy does a better job!

After Madison left on Monday morning,
Bailey and I hit up Target.
 We took this pic and sent it to Sissy to let her know we love her and already miss her!

We then headed to Chuck E.Cheese's.
We spent all afternoon here eating pizza and playing games!
 Where a kid can be a kid... even the adults!
I have to admit that I love this place too!

 Popcorn Game 

Bailey got to get a pic with Chuck E. himself!

On Tuesday we just took it easy and stayed at the house!
If you know Bailey then you know that is one of her favorite things to do...
Stay at home and play!
She's our, "home body!"

Wednesday, we visited with Grandma Sandra and 
of course she had a few surprises for sweet Bailey.
 Lots and lots of beads to make jewelry and key chains.
This made her day!

While Sissy's been gone we've played a lot of 
Daddy normally wins!

We look forward to talking to Madison everyday!
She sent us a pic of her and her BFF, Brooklynn on their way
to dinner.
Looks like they are having fun.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. How cute is she? She has gorgeous hair...that's what my hair looks like AFTER I color it!

    1. Thanks so much! We think so!
      Thanks for stopping by! :-)