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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Favorite Things & Weekend Fun!

I'm linking up today with some great bloggers!
to bring you...

Last week I blogged about a little boy that was diagnosed with cancer and all
he wanted was birthday cards.  Well, he celebrated his birthday on July 25th, but I'm sure
he won't mind if he still gets a few cards!
Click HERE for Danny's story and address.
Of course cards are not expensive; so make this little boy's day.
Send him a card, but most importantly...

I stopped by Kirklands this weekend and found this cute fall banner.
Only $9.99
Perfect to hang on our door inside.
Click HERE for banner.

Also picked this Tea light Candle Holder up.
Perfect for fall and only $9.99
Click HERE for this.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite things!

Thursday it rained all day so these girls were super happy to get out of the house
for an evening of, "Paint and Praise" with our church youth group.
 A cute snapchat from Madison!
They were excited to paint!

 Look at their artistic side shining!

 Finished product looks awesome!
I can't wait to put these master pieces up in their bedrooms!

 My niece, Taylor and her boyfriend, Jeb all smiles while painting!

A huge thanks to this pretty lady, Sara for putting this event together.
My girls had a blast and I had fun eating the snacks!
Sara is so artistic...God has blessed her with a wonderful gift!
It was amazing to watch her help each person with their canvas.

After the painting we were planning on leaving for the beach, but
it was raining too hard.
We left Friday morning!
 We couldn't get down there fast enough for this crowd because they were
ready to go out on the boat.
Madison tried "SKURFING" for the first time and she did great!

 Bailey did the knee board a few times!
She's getting better every week.

 These girls went paddle boarding! be young again! 

Bailey and I rode the tube!
Lots of fun!

 On Saturday morning we went out for some breakfast 
at the Carteret Cafe.  
Bailey enjoyed her morning coffee!
She reminds me of my Dad...he always loved coffee!

We had a great weekend!

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Have a great day! :-)


  1. Love that tea light holder! SO ready for cooler weather and FALL!! Thanks so much for linking up! Your girls are so pretty!

  2. Today I felt a "cool" gust of air and over the weekend we noticed the leaves fading. Fall is peeping around the corner! Your new decor is cute!

  3. What great finds at Kirklands! I love looking at all the fall decor and thinking of new ways to decorate. That paint and praise event sounds so neat! So glad you all enjoyed it. :)