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Monday, June 23, 2014

Date Night & Weekend Fun!

For the first time in FOREVER...
the hubby and I had a date night.
It was a quick evening out to dinner, but
hey, we were alone-- without kids.
I dressed up just a little for my man!
 I wore this pink maxi dress.
This dress is super comfortable and also affordable.
 Click HERE to find this dress.
Only color left is navy.

 We took a selfie!

 I wish I had something more exciting to show you, but this is it!
The hubby on his cell phone checking on things at work.
We had a nice dinner and I always enjoy my time with him.

 Saturday morning we dropped Sissy off at volleyball camp and then we stopped
at Belk's.  As you can see we had to get a shopping cart.

 Bailey showing off her book about Australia that her friend Emma gave her.
She loves books and learning!

 Saturday night we went on a double date with our friends, the Richardson's.
We haven't spent time with them in forever!
Lisa and I are always happy to see each other.

 Yes, we took pictures of each other at the table!
Doesn't everyone do that?

Scotty & Lisa's turn for their pic!
Awesome lookin' couple right there!

Sunday after church Daddy took the girls to ride the 4-wheeler & motorcycle
at Busco Beach while Mama did her own thing.

 Madison sent me a snap chat!
Bailey is holding on for dear life!

 Taking a break...

 Looks like Daddy's napping????

And looks like this might be another break???
They told me they went riding.
I'm just the messenger!

I may or may not have had some retail therapy and indulged in Starbucks!

It was a great weekend with my family!

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