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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Not only is it Friday, but it's also
That makes it so much sweeter!

Last night my girls were begging to open up their little
gifts we got them; so we gave in and had a small
party of opening gifts in the living room before bed.

Bailey got a stained glass art project!
I honestly think she was expecting more along
the lines of Christmas morning.
Regardless, she said she liked it!

Madison got a wrist wallet with some $$$$.
I think she liked it!

Gene got this Honda long-sleeve t-shirt that he's
been hinting around about!

Daddy loved his sweet card from Madison!
She jumped in his lap like Bailey does!

I seriously left Bailey alone for a couple of minutes for her to write
in her Valentine's card for Daddy and I come back and 
she has addressed it to, "Gene"...what in the world are we gonna do with her?????

It was so sweet what she wrote inside!!!
"I Love You Daddy, God Loves You Too!

My whole world!
Happy Valentine's Day from
our sweet family to yours!


We've been snowed in AGAIN for a few days here in eastern N.C.
We NEVER get snow and this is the 3rd time this year!
They cancelled school for 3 days and now kids have to 
go to school this Saturday.

So we were very lazy again and had a lot of snow cream!

Here is a picture on Tuesday across the road from our house.
It really is pretty!

Our Snow Cream Ingredients!!!

Taking it easy in my bed with her snow cream!

They love it!

The snow is beautiful, but
I'm ready for SPRING!!!

Have a blessed weekend!

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