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Monday, December 16, 2013

God Speaking

Last night we had our 
Christmas Musical/Drama 
at church called
I had the joy of working with the youth, cast and our choir
director, Mrs. Barbara Callahan. 

Mrs. Barbara began her journey back in July when the choir
began learning and practicing their songs.
My work didn't begin until around October when I began recruiting
our youth and various members to help with all aspects of our 
musical/drama.  I am so thankful for each and everyone
 that had even the smallest part.  It took all of us to 
present this amazing play to our church.

God Speaking has beautiful music that really tugs at your 
heart strings and makes you think that maybe 
God just might be trying to tell you something.
It consists of two main characters, both men that 
are struggling during this holiday season. 
The first young man is up to his eye balls in debt and the second 
is lonely due to the fact that he only gets to see his daughters a few days
 out of the month.
Regardless of your circumstances the music sends a message of love that
no matter what... God is there trying to get your attention.

What is GOD trying to say to you this holiday season????

Ms. Wanda,
she did a great job as our narrator.

My mother-in-law on the left, Dora and her sister, Faye
as choir members.

My two main characters, Matthew & Ray.
So proud of them both!

 Emma & Bailey ready to do their part as shoppers!

Nicholas waiting patiently for his part.

Mrs. Joyce,
another one of our beautiful choir members.

Our Choir all dressed up!

Show Time!

Bailey as an angel.

All the beautiful angels came out to praise 
Baby Jesus!

The Wade family representing Mary & Joseph, baby Jesus and a shepherd.

Our bell ringers made the play! 
Here little Avery is participating in her first Christmas play!

I am so proud of Walnut Creek OFWB Church!
It was a great success!

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our
Christmas Play.

Remember to open your hearts and be receptive to what 
God is speaking to you!

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