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Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Monday Already!

This weekend came and went pretty fast.

Our weekend began on Friday after I picked the girls up from school!
  Bailey had a good time playing 
dress up right by herself.
She loves being home and playing.

Is she sassy or what??

On Friday evening, Bailey had a 
Fall Festival 
at her school.
They had a few games set up and 
of course some yummy snacks to purchase.
After the festival Bailey and I went out to eat
at a new Mexican restaurant in town called,
La Flama.  Madison was spending the night with a friend and they
were eating out there also. 
It was very good and great service.
Bailey has had a loose tooth on the bottom for several weeks and 
has been too scared to let anyone touch it.
 After we finished eating she informed me that her 
tooth was very loose; so I took a look and IT WAS!
She didn't want ME to pull it out.  
She wanted to be the big girl that she is and do it herself.
I explained to her how to do it and just like that it came out. 

This is Bailey's 2nd tooth she has lost!

Bailey has a tooth fairy pillow with her name on it.
There is a little tooth pocket where you  place the tooth for the tooth fairy to retrieve
and she leaves the money in there also.
Bailey was tickled with her $3 she received from the tooth fairy!

On Saturday we took out all our Christmas stuff to begin decorating.
Bailey had so much fun putting the ornaments on the tree.
I really have a hard time letting my girls put ornaments on the tree because 
 it is usually very crowded in some spots.  

I survived though, as you can see Bailey had lots of fun putting
ornaments on the tree.  
We have a lot of picture ornaments of the girls and I began to notice that several
picture ornaments were on the back of the tree.  I told Bailey not to put 
anymore picture ornaments on the back.  Then I began to see who's picture ornaments
they were, Madison's.  
Bailey was putting all of Madison's pictures on the back of the tree and all
of her pictures on the front.  I got a kick out of this.

Here are several picture ornaments of Madison that were on the back that
I quickly moved to the front when Bailey wasn't looking.

Sunday we went to church and then off to run errands at 
Walmart.  The girls had to stop at the 
Claw Machine.
Madison is the best at this machine and of course was able 
to win Bailey a little stocking on the second try.

We then headed to Grandma Sandra's to help her begin
decorating her Christmas tree!

It was a great weekend at home with  my girls!

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