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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Best Friends

It's almost Thanksgiving and I would like to take a moment to mention a
sweet family that I am so thankful for:
Drum Roll Please
They are an awesome family of 5.
McClain &  Kendi 
have 2 boys, Warren and Blake and 1 daughter, Emma.
This family moved on our street about a year ago and 
from day 1-Emma and my Bailey have been inseparable!
Bailey began playing with Emma when she would visit with her
Grandparents, Ken & Teresa Eason who live just down the street from us.
Bailey was thrilled to have someone to play with other than her older sister
all the time.  Bailey is very shy and reserved, but not so much around Emma.
We were thrilled when we found out the Davis's would be moving closer.

These girls are back and forth from the Davis's house, to Ken & Teresa's house and back to ours 
all summer long and most weekends!  I wouldn't have it any other way!
I am so thankful that Bailey has such an awesome friend with an 
amazing God loving family.
Praying for their friendship and what the Lord has in store for them.

Now enjoy some pics of these two sweet girls!

Bowling Fun!

Hat Day at School!

Krispy Kreme...enough said!!!

These two love Mac-n-Cheese, Gatorade and YooHoo's!!!!

Fridays we always head to Bojangles before school!

Twins!!! Thanks to Kendi for their matching shirts!

Who's got rabbit ears???
Silly girls!

Also, Emma's mother and grandmother have their own baking business.

They bake yummy cupcakes, cakes, pies and all kinds of sweet stuff.
With Thanksgiving just a week away and Christmas approaching now is the time
to place your orders. Let them slave in the kitchen while you
finish up your shopping and spend quality time with your family.

To place your order call: 919-330-8989
or email:

This was Bailey's birthday cake, courtesy of Sweetie Pies!
Not only beautiful, but delicious!

Perfect desserts for the Holidays!

Let's see where we found Skippy this morning.

He's been hiding out in Bailey's stocking all day!
Wonder where he will be tomorrow?

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  1. That is just so sweet!!! We LOVE the Parrish family and they are a blessing to us here in Bucklesberry!!! :) Kendi